Developing the Mind to its Fullest

Human beings are the only species that are capable of enhancing the powers of their mind whenever they want to. The only prerequisite to it is to have an empty cup, i.e. we should remove our existing beliefs and be willing to absorb new beliefs. If we truly want to understand how to develop our mind’s powers, we must be a good student.
Here are three tips and tricks to enhance the powers of your subconscious:

Learning New Trades

We, inherently, learn new skills throughout our lives. It keeps our brain occupied at all times and improves our senses. The best way is indulging yourself is in creativity. For example, you can learn a new language. It will unlock your mind’s repetitive cycle of thoughts and force your brain to expand and accustom itself to a new language.
Additionally, you can also learn how to paint. Painting is frustrating in the beginning, but with the passage of time a person starts enjoying it and can paint almost anything imaginable (and even unimaginable, in some cases). Here’s where brain plasticity comes into play and a whole new framework of neural connections starts developing, thereby stimulating quicker learning.

Concentration Powers

Force yourself to concentrate on something for a long period of time. In today’s world, people are lost in distractions. People, unknowingly, are living their lives fulfilling someone else’s requirements in day-to-day life. Emails, WhatsApp, Facebook and other social platforms are a severe distraction in people’s life. People are unable to concentrate on anything for anything beyond 30sec.
The easiest way to concentrate on something is to mentally tune out to everything else. Start with the simplest of things. Let’s say that you’re climbing the stairs. During that period of time, you should tune out of all other thoughts that hit your mind. Your only focus should be to climb the staircase. Be present in the moment. Rather, to initially sharpen your concentration, count the number of stairs you’re climbing. Ignore people passing-by. Ignore your phone.
Additionally, you can concentrate on something new, something creative. Visualize about starting a new project and just develop the project so much in your own mind that each detail of it is magnified. Think in-depth about every aspect.

Indulge in Writing

Scientists have concluded that when you write, you get lost in writing and remember nothing else. Time flies. Studies have shown that people who write have developed their mind to an extent that only a few can relate to it. Write about anything. To start with, write about your daily routine or better your previous day’s routine. This will help you with enhanced memory and make your mind more sharper.
Use these three tricks to start with and then get better at them and move to other techniques. Developing our subconscious mind is an art which can help you in achieving your life’s goals and dreams. It’s the most productive thing you can work upon.

Law of Attraction Hidden Secret

There are a lot of opinions out there on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Most people think that it was introduced by Rhonda Byrne in the movie, “The Secret”. But what people fail to realize is that the hot-term “Law of Attraction” is no law at all. The underlying law behind it is being used by people since man set foot on this Earth. So, does the law of attraction work the way it’s been described in the book or is there more to it? We will try our best to simplify it for your understanding.

The Starting Point: Your Imagination

Someone rightly said – “Like attracts like”. Yes! I know you’ve heard this plenty of times and have probably ignored it all through. Or maybe you failed to realize the full potential of these three words. Or worst of all, maybe nobody told you about the entire A-Z process. And I don’t blame you.
The truth is that everything takes shape in your imagination. That’s the source. Anything that has ever been achieved by mankind has taken form in one’s imagination. The Law of Attraction works on this simple, yet foundational, premise.
You can take the example of anybody in this world – be it a movie actor, a sportsperson, a musician, a motivational speaker, a businessman or an ultra-successful employee etc – they ALL imagined their way to success and prosperity.

The Missing Ingredient for Success

BUT WAIT! That’s not all. It’s not that simple. Visualization and affirmations can only take you so far in life. If they’re not backed-up by persistent action (towards your goal) day-in and day-out, then you’re doomed! You’ll merely stay in a dreamland all your life.
A few years ago, Heather Matthews, a well renowned Life Coach had launched an instruction manual by the name of Manifestation Miracle. It has got a tonne of wisdom and connects all the dots for you. It follows a process known as destiny tuning. If you can understand the destiny tuning secret and can comprehend what Heather is trying to convey in her eBook, then it’ll be a dream come true for you as far as your journey in personal development is concerned. I strongly urge you to have a look at it so that your fundamentals fall in place as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned.

The Role of Your Subconscious Mind

What most people have not told you is that your subconscious mind plays a BIG role in the execution of the law of attraction in your real life. Bob Proctor has done an entire training on paradigm shift. He has gone in-depth and covered the essential aspects of habit formation for success and prosperity. I strongly suggest you to have a look at it.