Space-Saving Water Softener System

The home water softener can take up lots of space, as most traditional systems, particularly the resin tanks are large – read more. You’re lucky if you have a large garage, or a utility room that can hold your softener. Many people don’t have the space for their washer, dryers, water heaters, or other large appliances. Many homeowners love the idea of having their system installed outside. Before you proceed with this project, you should be aware of the major issues.

Cold weather

You will be aware that installing your water softener outdoors is not possible if you live in the North. But, if Florida is your home you might feel tempted to have it installed outside because you rarely experience cold temperatures. Although there are solutions, water can freeze inside your water tank and cause irreparable damage. No matter where your home is, there are still ways to install your watersoftener outside. You have the option of building an insulated shelter to cover it or digging it underground.


Water treatment systems are usually quite durable. However, the elements can eventually cause them to fail. Protective covers should be used if your softener is going to be installed outside. Although systems are available for indoor or outdoor use, they cannot be exposed to constant sun, rain and ice. Before you decide to put your water softener outside, ensure that your warranty covers outdoor installation.


A typical ion exchange water-softening system or a salt-based one will require access to water and electricity. If you have all these things, installing your unit outdoors can be a good idea. You could build a small shed that would hold your softening unit and also house all your sodium chloride bags. You can store salt in either 40-pound or 80-pound bags, so it would be great to have them outside but protected from the elements.

This is something to think about

If you don’t have the space to install a large softening system in your home, or you live in very cold areas where installing it outside is too difficult, there are a few alternatives. It might be worth looking at a smaller unit. Some units are designed to minimize their footprint. You could also install your water softener so it softens in your drinking water. The unit would produce less water per day. Another option is to consider a tankless unit. Although they don’t perform the exact same things as a salt system, you may want to investigate them if space is a concern.

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