6 Burner Grill Showdown: Our Top Picks for Maximum Cooking Space

We have always used grilling to prepare delicious meals. Not only does it cook the food well, but also creates a bond between family members. Now that you’re considering buying your own barbecue, there are a lot of options, from pellets to electric. There is also hardwood cooking. The choices are endless! But the debate is most often raging and prevalent among all cooking grills, whether you use charcoal or a gas grill. This article will focus on the gas grill. Read more now on If you’re in the market for the best 6 burner grill, check out our top picks here!

Convenience and taste are often compromised when choosing which grills to buy. More convenient grills tend to produce less flavorful food. If you are looking to grill with the least amount of effort, an electric grill is the way to go. But it will not give you as much satisfaction in terms of taste and cooking. Hardwood fire is the easiest to handle, but it can also give your food the best flavor. Due to this, grillers have considered charcoal and gas grills as the middle ground.

Charcoal Versus Gas

Let’s get straight to it and say gas grills in general are the better choice. You will get more out of them than you would from charcoal grills. The following are the main reasons for using them:

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Gas grills have always claimed to be superior in terms of flavor, but charcoal grills can’t deny that they produce a more delicious meal. Charcoal grills are known for their aroma. You can achieve a smoky flavour by using the drippings from the food. It is this method that gives your food the grilled flavour. It is a process which does not use charcoal. Grill manufacturers produce “Flavorizer bar” to create the radiant heat that charcoals generate.

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Gas grills tend to be more expensive. If you take into consideration the cost of the gas you use over the course of the grill’s life, you may find that the price difference is not as great. You can save money on charcoal by using more of it in each cookout.


Continuing, by choosing natural gas to fuel your grill, you not only get to save money but help maintain our natural resources. Although natural gas is less expensive than liquid propane, the grills that use it are more expensive. Think about it, now you can grill and enjoy the experience without causing environmental damage.


The gas grill will also save you time and provide great convenience. Gas grills allow you to cook all of your meals in a matter of minutes, as opposed to the hours it takes for charcoal grills. Cleaning and maintaining these grills is also faster and easier than cleaning the charcoal stain from your machine. This will extend the lifespan of your barbecues. You will spend more time on charcoal grills than you would with gas grills. This includes setting them up, cooking, cleaning, and storing. You can save TIME for other activities! It is time that is our most valuable asset. It is impossible to turn the clock back. The time lost cannot be recovered. The gas grill is a far better option.

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